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Ideal for wall art and quotes, vehicle graphics, window art and window signs as well as making up your own sign boards. Supplied on application paper, these types of vinyls will stick to most smooth surfaces, including glass, plastered wall, flooring, ceramic tiles, wood, metal, wallpaper, mdf and the list goes on.

C L E A R / W I N D O W  V I N Y L S

NE Display are able to offer prints onto ultra clear vinyl ideal for advertising on glass window surfaces. This option is preferred when the artwork design would involve intrigate cuts that would be deemed too complicated using the standard cut vinyl method.

We are also able to print white ink onto a clear application, and can achieve percentages of white to achieve any desired effect. 

Test samples of all vinyls are available upon request to test prior to purchase.
C U T   L E T T E R I N G / S H A P E S

With over 120 colours of Avery Vinyl in stock we are sure we can accomodate any cut vinyl requirements. Letters and shapes from supplied artwork can be cut from the coloured vinyl, and will stick to most indoor and outdoor surfaces. If applying to a window they can be installed on the inside or outside area.

C U T  V I N Y L  P R I N T S

Alternatively we can print full colour direct to white self adhesive vinyl and again cut to shapes. This is the option taken when using images or where a logo may incorporate more than just colours. Again these vinyls can be applied to most surfaces and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. However because these graphics need to be applied to a surface via the unprinted side, it is advised that you mention before the print stage how these vinyls will be installed incase we need to reverse print the graphics.

Various opacity of FROSTED Vinyls are also available.

F L O O R  V I N Y L

Digitally printable floor vinyl can transform your interior floor spaces. Pick a design and we can print a full floor graphic or alternativley we can cut to shape to create visually stunning graphics with the added benefit of an anti-slip laminate finish. The self-adhesive vinyl has a textured surface which is tough enough to deal with general day to day wear and tear.

We also offer a printable grip floor which has a sandpaper feel and texture for a more hardwearing finish.

D I G I T A L  W A L L  W R A P  V I N Y L

Transform your wall or shutter into an attractive advertising space.

The special adhesive system is designed to stick to "hard to stick" surfaces rated for outdoor durability upto 7 years. Pressure-sensitive vinyl film for concrete and brick walls.

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