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D E S I G N  T E A M

Our studio is on hand to give you as much support and advice as you need to prepare artwork for print. We do offer a full design service and can prepare artwork on your behalf ready for print if required.

Our continued investment within the NE Display studio is constant, operating from both Mac and PC platforms to ensure compatibility with your system. 

W H A T  T O  L O O K  O U T  F O R . . . 

Our printers use CMYK for their colour output. Any RGB files will be converted and could suffer a colour shift at the print stage.

JPEGs contain noise and patterns which may cause defects in the final output. It is therefor advisable to only apply jpeging to an image if you are trying to save disk space.

(If you need to shrink the file, use 100% or level 12 quality jpeg or save the file as a compressed LZW tiff. These are compression methods where the image quality will not suffer)


Please supply us with your finished artwork, remembering the following as a guide:

• Preferred files in either Quark XPress, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign but we will accept other formats.

• Saving the file as a flattened Adobe Acrobat PDF document will illiminate errors.

• Banner Stands and Pop Up artwork to be set at either half or quarter size where possible.

• Image resolution set at 250dpi for any images used.

• Path/create outlines where possible to all fonts used, alternatively please include the fonts folder.

• Add around 8mm of bleed for trimming purposes plus add crop marks.

• Please make us aware of any corporate colours required for output ideally with a pantone reference.

• Artwork templates are available for all of our products.

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