P A R T  O F  T H E  N E  D I S P L A Y  G R O U P
N E  D I S P L A Y
B E C  H I R E
A flexible display stand which is great for exhibitions, POS and conferences, the Twist system allows you to create numerous configurations for all indoor events and spaces.

You can start with a single banner extending to a large modular exhibition stand. the Twist system has the ability to swap and change elements making it very versatile and easy to fill any exhibition and display requirements, Making the Twist system one of the most flexible and portable modular display on the market.

The Twist comes with a unique patented tensioning rod system that holds the graphic up taut, minimizing any problem with graphics curling at the edges. This technology also gives the Twist graphic the added benefit of being able to independently level itself out, which gives the added benefit of helping different twist pannels to link together seamlessly on uneven surfaces.
A choice of heights, a choice of widths, a choice of shapes - the Twist has so many uses and it is all UK manufactured.

C L I C K  H E R E
to find out more about the twist hardwear and also the choice of shapes and configurations available.

G R A P H I C S  W I D T H S
• 700mm
• 800mm
• 900mm
• 1000mm 

G R A P H I C S  H E I G H T S
• 2000mm
• 2250mm
• 2700mm

*For overall stand height inc light add 150mm

P R O D U C T  W E I G H T
• 2000mm graphic height
• 20kg hardware only 
• 25kg including graphics

• 2250mm graphic height
• 20.4kg hardware only
• 26kg including graphics 

• 2700mm graphic height
• 21kg hardware only
• 28kg including graphics

C L I C K  I M A G E  T O  E N L A R G E
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