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Linear Modular Displays are an exhibition display system which is made up of any number of aluminium frames and components which can be put together to create a unique display design which is tailored to your exhibition needs.

Linear stands are custome made to fit within any space, Once the basic shape is mapped out, then accessories like LCD display tv's, literature holders and dispensers, podiums etc. can be added to the configuration. On top of this framework the graphics are then seamless fixed in position using mag tabe for easy installation.

C L I C K  H E R E
to find out more about the different options available, or contact our sales team - they are experts in the linear range, please call 0191 289 3459 to speak to one of them now!

or alternativley email sales@nedisplay.co.uk

if you would love to use a linear Modular stand for your exhibition but dont want to buy the stand out right then why not Hire the system from our Sister company
Bec Hire they offer a full range of diffrent options and am sure they will have one to suit call 0191268 9555 to find out more.

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F E A T U R E S  A N D  B E N E F E T S

• A modular aluminium based exhibition stand which can be shortened and lengthened by the addition of extra poles.

• Basic widths of 1000mm, 2000mm and 3000mm all at a height of 2000mm (More custome sizes can be greated with the addition of smaller aluminium based poles)

• Graphics are printed on a rollable light stop media with the print being protected with an anti scratch laminate (the same media which is used on our pop up displays and Twist graphics)

• An alternative to this, for a more long term display we can provide graphics printed onto vinyl with an anti scratchlaminate mounted on to 5mm foamex boards.

• With ally key fixings the stands are portable and easy to assemble.

• Each pole or bar comes with four vertically running slots (which the horizontal bars lock into) allowing you to add to the design and build out from all four sides.

• Accessories include Lights, Brocher holders, iPad holders, Acrylic sheves available in a range of sizes and colours, TV Monitor brackets and a wheeled carry cases.

• Graphic pannel dimensions 2000mm high x 1000mm wide Please contact us for an artwork template, if you dont have any artwork or need any help with the design our in house design team will be more than happy to provide you with some assistance.
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