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Our Acrylics come in a wide range of thicknesses and with over 50 colours to chose from. The size and shape of the acrylic can be cut to any size. With options for curved edges or squared and flat or rounded corners.

A C R Y L I C  P H O T O  B L O C K S

Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses Acryilc Photo Blocks are ideal for showcasing any photos or artwork.

These freestanding blocks are made from UK manufactured cast clear acrylic, With the image mounted to the back of the block, giving the image an almost 3-D effect as the light travels through it. All our acrylics have polished edges.

W A L L  M O U N T  A C R Y L I C S
A C R Y L I C  S T A N D - O F F S

Sheets of acrylic cut to size and polished with 4 holes drilled in each corner more holes can be added depending on the weight of the acrylic. The artwork is then mounted to the back of the acrylic to create a high quality profesional sign or art piece. The acrylic is then mounted to the wall with chrome polished stand-offs (other colour options are available if requested). 

S H A P E D  A C R Y L I C

Here at NE Display we offer a cut to shape acrylic service. If you are after a more unconventional shape rather than your standard square cut acrylic, then we are happy to help by creating acrylics which are shaped to your design or artwork.

Why not take a look at our
Signage page which focuses on cut to shape acrylic lettering.

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