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Pop Up Display systems are one of the quickest and simplest ways of creating effective back drops or exhibition stands.
With a clever frame system that clicks together with ease your display is ready in minutes, complete your look with lights and a Pop-up counter or tower.
Whether you have a pop up already and require a new set of graphics to fit your existing frame, or your looking to purchase a complete new pop up bundle.
The team at NE Display are more than happy to accomodate and give advice on the following Pop Up Systems:

• Evolution Xpress
• Evolution Quick
• Impact Bundle
• Element
• Advantage
• Supremacy


For more information on the above systems Click Here
or contact our sales team for prices. sales@nedisplay.co.uk

S O M E T H I N G  T O  R E M E M B E R . .

3X3 System have a total of 5 drops at 653mm x 2130mm
(3 front panels & 2 end panels)

3X4 System have a total of 6 drops at 653mm x 2130mm
(4 front panels & 2 end panels)

• Hanging kits and additional magnetic bars are available to
graphic the back of the display.

• The end panels known as D-ends should be designed with an artwork wrap in mind... When setting up artwork, divide end panels into 3 equal sections:

1st section will NOT be visible from the front or side.

2nd section will be visible from the side.
3rd section is visible from the front.

• NE Display will advise and question supplied artwork should we feel the image or text quality is not upto large format print standard, or we feel that something just isnt quite right. Trust is at the heart of our client relations.

• Please provide NE Display with any corporate pantone references, your business needs unity in all aspects of print output. (you should provide pantone references to all print houses, as this will ensure all colour outputs match throughout)

p.s  We are also able to design on your behalf, so feel free to get in touch. You are more than welcome to sit with one of our designers and thrash out some design ideas
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