P A R T  O F  T H E  N E  D I S P L A Y  G R O U P
N E  D I S P L A Y
B E C  H I R E
i P A D  C U R V E
Freestanding curved information station.
 Ideal for use as a queuing information station or showroom product support and exhibition events. Durable silver grey coated steel enclosure and matching floor stand with a Black high gloss acrylic fascia.

• Push button security lock and key release.
• Tilts 120° and fully rotates 360°.
 Dimensions 370mm (d) x 1210mm (h)
• Weight 9.2kg.
• Optional enclosure lock and cable security cord with two keys.
i P A D  M U L T I  D I S P L A Y

Contemporary styling with robust steel holder finished texture
 Integral chrome push button security lock with two keys supplied. Attractive acrylic fascia high gloss black as standard.

• Holder rotates and swivels 350°.
• Holder tilts 90°
• UK 3 pin plug power lead supplied to connect to iPad.
• Optional enclosure security lock and cable.
• Heavy duty steel base finished silver with rubber foot.
i P A D  P O S T  M O U N T
Designed to carry an iPad whilst allowing secure fixing to the upright of a linear display stand. The iPad enclosure allows easy access to the touch screen of the ipad. Ideal for events, visitor centres, showrooms and retail promotion. iPad holder and linear mounting bracket supplied.

• Holder rotates 360°.
• No swivel  movement or tilt action.
 Portrait 206mm (w) x 58mm (d) x 294mm (h)
• Landscape 294mm (w) x 58mm (d) x 206mm (h)
• Weight 3kg *only ipad case and bracket supplied
i P A D  C O U N T E R  M O U N T

Used to affix to most counter displays or counter tops. This unique enclosure allows the iPad to be used vertical or horizontal. The modern and simple design has been created so as to blend with almost any environment, making it deal for use at visitor registration points, venue maps or information points, product feature or one to one presentations.

• Continuous power supply when connected to UK mains.
• Standard screw fixings supplied to affix to work surfaces subject
  to appropriate hole preparation.
• Portrait 206mm (w) x 95mm (d) x 322mm (h)
• Landscape 294mm (w) 95mm (d) x 277mm (h)  
• Weight 3kg.
i P A D  W A L L  M O U N T

The iPad wall mount is ideal for when space is tight at an event, exhibition, road show, reception or showroom. A Practical solution allowing access to the iPad whilst securing and protecting it from damage or theft. Supplied with versa mount tilting bracket and security locking screws.             

• Can be mounted portrait or landscape.
• Easy tilt adjustment +17° to - 10°.
• No rotation or swivel movement.
• Portrait 206mm (w) x 80mm (d) x 294mm (h)
• Landscape 294mm (w) x 80mm (d) x 206mm (h)
• Weight 3kg
i P A D  C O L U M N  M O U N T

The iPad Column is designed to attach an iPad onto the top of the post, it Securely fastens into the top of the aluminium section. Allowing secure use of an iPad in conjunction with a simple freestanding promotional graphic display. The portability of the column provides the ideal opportunity to create  information stations. Ideal for use as a simple freestanding information station, queuing information or showroom or events space.

• Continuous iPad power supply when connected to UK mains.
• 464mm (w) x 425mm (d) x 1595mm (h)
• Weight 15kg.
i P A D  P O D I U M

ipad podium is a Single post, base and acrylic podium table with versatile ipad holder. The iPad podium display is ideal for any reception, event visitor centre or showroom and can be used as a speaker or presentattion support tool.

• The iPad enclosure fixes securely to the top of an acrylic
   table top which is available in neon blue, red, green or frosted.

• Continuous ipad power supply when connected to UK mains.
• Table height 1014mm.
• Dimensions 500mm (w) x 445mm (d) x 1340mm (h)
• weight 15kg.

i P A D  P O S

iPad POS display is designed to showcase a particular product or product range. The display utilises an iPad housed in the secure enclosure. The ipad POS also comes with three acrylic table tops for the use of product display. The system is used mainly for retail and showroom as it draws attention to a specific product or products. This eye catching display is perfect for showcasing a product while using the ipad to showcase the features of the product on display.

• Multiple post set with 3 acrylic display podium tables.
• Available in neon blue, green, red or frosted.
• Continuous iPad power supply when connected to UK mains.
• Table heights 510mm, 775mm and 1010mm iPad post height 1265mm.
• Dimensions 915mm (w) x 1000mm (d) x 1590mm (h)
• Weight 20kg
i P A D  V E R S A  1

The iPad versa 1 display is designed with multiple functions in mind. It has an iPad housed in a secure enclosure, with an acrylic table top for product placement and a graphic messaging area and literature dispenser. This system is ideal for retail, showroom and events. The mixture of the graphic panel combined with the table top and literature dispenser make a strong point of sale or marketing combination.

• Twin posts, base, acrylic podium table, x2 linking
  profiles and A4 brochure holder.

• Continuous iPad power supply when connected to UK mains.
• Dimensions 800mm (w) x 500mm (d) x 1595mm (h)
• weight 20kg.
i P A D  V E R S A  2

The iPad versa 2 display is a new take on the versa 1 in this case the graphic pannel has been replaced with a second literature holder. The system is perfect for retail, showroom and event use.

• Twin posts, base, acrylic podium table, x2 linking profiles and x2 A4  
   brochure holder.

• Continuous iPad power supply when connected to UK mains.
• Table height 1010mm ipad height 1265mm
• Dimensions 800mm (w) x 500mm (d) x 1595mm (h)
• weight 20kg.

i P A D  D U O

The iPad Duo display offers space saving solutions to creat two information stations. Ideal for almost any reception, showroom or event.This simple unit can be used to service two people at the same time. The display is easily transportable and takes up minimal storage space when not in use.

• Post, base and support arm with 2 versatile iPad holders.
• Continuous iPad power supply when connected to UK mains.
• Support arm height 1039mm
• Dimensions 499mm (w) x 455mm (d) x 1365mm (h)
• weight 15kg.
i P A D  Q U A D

The iPad Quad display offers a space saving solution to create four information stations.This simple unit can be used to service four people at the same time. The display is easily transportable and takes up minimal storage space when not in use.

• Single post, base and cross shaped support arm with 4 versatile
   iPad holders.

• Continuous iPad power supply when connected to UK mains.
• Support arm height 1039mm
• Dimensions 612mm (w) x 612mm (d) x 1365mm (h)
• weight 17kg.
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